Cassetta Critter Care

Off-Site Care

Pet Care House & Farm Calls / Your pets stay at home!

farm calls, pets stay at home Farm Calls and House calls are for people who want their pets to stay at home while they are away at work or on vacation. This is particularly helpful for people with multiple pets, large animals and cats. We have knowledge and experience with an enormous variety of animals from Boa Constrictors to Emus and all critters in-between. We offer, walking, feeding, medication administration, watering, cleaning, turnout, newspaper and mail collection, plant watering and lights on/off. Whether you need one trip
per day or three, we can help.

mid-day dog walks, dog sitting in your home

Mid-day dog walks are for people who want their dogs to stay home, but need to be cared for during the day. This service is for working families, those recovering from illness or injury and the elderly. We offer half-hour walks, play time, feeding, administration of medications and bathroom breaks. This is particularly helpful for dog owners who are at work for long hours.

Behavior Consultations

This is for people who are looking for a better quality of life for themselves and their pets. We offer consultations at the pet's home including basic obedience, puppy training and problem solving. We pride ourselves on setting you and your pet up to succeed.

Dog, Cat, Bird and even Ferret Grooming

We will travel to pets homes to perform such grooming tasks as nail trimming for dogs and cats, teeth and ear cleaning, mat removal and brush outs. We can also teach clients to perform these tasks for their pets.