Cassetta Critter Care

On-Site Care

Dog Daycare, Day Training, Day Boarding and Puppy Pre-School

dog playgroup, dogs play groups We have large, fenced and totally secure yards for dogs and puppies. We pride ourselves on matching compatible dogs in playgroups according to size, age and personality so they have the maximum amount of fun and a successful playgroup experience. Dogs learn socialization skills with other dogs and have lots of one-on-one time with people. Dogs learn from people, but they also learn from other dogs and we have been successful in combining the two in order to assist shy and cautious dogs to become self-confident, happy pets. We have also helped dogs from single pet homes to become vibrant members of a positively reinforced pack structure.

We offer dog & puppy day training which not only helps dogs burn energy and socialize with other dogs, but also helps reinforce basic obedience, works on problem solving and sets dogs up to succeed at our facility and in the world. There is a constant connection between owners and pets and we offer on-going support services for as long as the client needs us.

Dog Day Boarding is a service we offer for people whose pets may not need daycare, but cannot be left home alone for long periods of time. This may include elderly pets, pets with behavior challenges such as separation anxiety, and the medically and physically challenged. Day Boarding dogs receive the same care and attention that daycare dogs do and the same one-on-one attention to meet their unique needs.

puppy play school Puppy Pre-School is how puppies get off on the right foot. We match puppies with other puppies and an older mature dog we call a guardian who watches over the puppies and helps teach them proper pack/play behavior while keeping them out of trouble. Puppy groups are divided up by age and size and are closely monitored by our staff to ensure the safest, most successful experience for our youngest and most impressionable daycare members.

Our day programs are a terrific outlet for busy working families. While you are at the office and the children are at school, let your dog come play with us and hang out with
the pack instead of being home alone with the television set.

Our daycare is open 7 days a week and boarding dogs do not pay
extra to participate in our daycare program.

Bed and Biscuit

In our home we offer a boarding environment like no other. We can accommodate most house pets and this is not like any boarding facility you have ever seen before.

Pets are in our home with us and participate in the same daily activities and routines as our own personal pets. We have areas for dogs to play and lounge indoors and we offer a spacious cat room complete with skylight, cat trees, scratch posts, interactive toys and private condos.

dog boarding We offer overnight, weekend, vacation and long-term care and have boarded pets from 6 days to 6 months to 6 years. We offer respite, hospice and special needs care. There is 24 hour supervision. We do not charge extra for special diets, medications or walking on our secluded country road and groomed trails.

We provide bowls, bedding and toys. Owners may bring any additional items if they choose. We recommend that pet owners bring any medications with instructions.
We also encourage pet owners to provide their own food
as sudden changes in diet can cause stomach distress in pets
and to inform the staff of any known allergies the pet may have.

We do offer limited on-site grooming services for daycare and boarding customers only. These include nail clipping, ears and teeth cleaning, mat removal and brush outs. Any customers looking for just these grooming services should refer to our off-site web page for further information.

All pets must be up-to-date on their shots including, but not limited to, rabies and kennel cough (for dogs). We recommend flea and tick treatments be used on a regular basis. Proof of vaccinations must be presented before a pet is allowed to participate in any of the on-site activities
listed above.